W.J.A. Schubel House
by Velma Lindaman

 In Missouri I am told is a home that's very old
But it still has a tale of love to tell
Some people in that town never want it torn down
Hillsboro, MO is a place where pioneers dwelled.

This little town has history that will last
There's much to tell about its past
Founded in 1839 County Seat of Government
Home of Missouri's first governor brought it class

This old home on Maple Street, with a style that's hard to meet
It's stately walls reaching toward the sky
Was once home to a cobbler, and many others I am sure

Yes, this was history in its wake
Now that she's ld do not forsake
But, place her in the archives as a jewel
The Schubel home . . . a monument we must make.

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